Why Are Bathing Suits So Expensive?

  2021 Why Are Bathing Suits So Expensive

When shopping for a swimsuit, there’s one thing that can shock just about everyone on some premium swimwear, and that’s the price. Bathing suits can be expensive for a variety of reasons. And expensive can mean many different things for different people. At Magicsuit we try to make gorgeous slimming swimwear with premium quality at an affordable price for that quality. But we do understand that the price can be a real shock, so that’s why we want to show you why a Magicsuit is worth just a little bit extra, and show you that we have some amazing swimsuits on our bathing suit sale page that all have the same quality and style that Magicsuit is known for.

It seems like swimsuits prices go up every year, and it’s easy to think that shouldn’t be. Swimsuits require less fabric and manufacturing time than other clothing right? Well, unfortunately, that’s not necessarily the case. Women’s swimwear requires a lot of technical production, from the choices of fabric blend to the stitching and inclusion of underwire and elastics. There is a lot of time and preparation that goes into creating a swimsuit, and then executing on that idea takes a lot of technical know-how. According to an article from Who What Where, the average price of a swimsuit from the most popular brands is $263. That’s a lot of money! But ultimately with swimwear, you do get what you pay for. When you pay a premium price, you usually get a swimsuit that is built to hold its fit and look great wear after wear. Inexpensive swimsuits fade faster and the fabric pulls, bunches, and pills faster as well. That’s why it helps to think of swimsuits as an investment, and with proper care, a premium swimsuit can last beautifully for years of fun in the sun!

And that’s why you’re in luck with Magicsuit. Our swimsuits are top of the line, and they top out at around $200, a far cry from the average of $263. And that’s not all! We have plenty of gorgeous shaping swimsuits on sale, all built with the same quality and style that we are known for. This page changes often as swimsuit styles come and go, but we decided to put a little list together of some of our favorite swimsuits on there right now. Be sure to check back often to see in any of your favorite Magicsuits go on sale. Swimsuits are expensive, but at Magicsuit, you don’t have to break the bank to get a gorgeous swimsuit that is not only beautiful, but super functional and form flattering.

1) Magicsuit Persia Lisa One Piece Swimsuit

Magicsuit Persia Lisa One Piece Swimsuit

The Magicsuit Persia Lisa One Piece Swimsuit features a gorgeous paisley inspired print pattern made to dazzle, especially when paired with the solid black bottom that minimizes the hips and waist. A gorgeous high neckline gives you the flattering full coverage you want and leads to skinny straps with amazing bead detailing. An underwire bra helps to comfortably support and lift, while a full straight back adds even more needed support. This stunning one piece swimsuit is a perfect combo of function and style for the fun-loving girl in all of us. The Magicsuit Persia Lisa is an amazing one piece swimsuit on sale right now and worth every penny!

2) Magicsuit Cobra Taylor Tankini Top

Magicsuit Cobra Taylor Tankini Top

If you want a gorgeous swim top that is made to enhance your curves, then look no further than the Magicsuit Cobra Taylor Tankini Top. This premium tankini makes a statement and offers clean lines, the sleekest possible silhouette and support like no other, making this style a warm-weather favorite. Its V-neck and handkerchief hemline elongate your figure, while the racerback detail makes it casual and trendy. The stunning colorful cobra print keeps the focus directly on you and not on any flaw or imperfection. The Cobra Taylor is a great way to get a premium swim top that not only looks stylish but fits well too!

3) Magicsuit Deep Dive Chanel One Piece Swimsuit

Magicsuit Deep Dive Chanel One Piece Swimsuit

If you’re looking for a gorgeous swimsuit perfect for long days swimming in the ocean, then the Magicsuit Deep Dive Chanel One Piece Swimsuit is perfect for you. This stunning one piece features distinct neoprene fabric which skims your curves while a higher set neckline leads to a front zip style. A premium swim style that is made to last, this one piece swimsuit is on sale, and it’s perfect for any long days at the beach. Get a sleek blend of style and function as this one piece swimsuit slims any unwanted curve and keeps your fit secure all day long. Stay in control from top to bottom as the Magicsuit Deep Dive Chanel is made for active days soaking up rays and splashing in the waves. A great addition to any swimwear wardrobe!

4) Magicsuit Solid Gina One Piece Swimsuit

Magicsuit Solid Gina One Piece Swimsuit

If you want some luxe style for a little less, then look no further than the Magicsuit Solid Gina One Piece Swimsuit. This solid one piece swimsuit features a classic silhouette spiced up with some glamorous details. This is more than a basic black one piece. Featuring a classic square neckline and gorgeous tummy control fabric, the Gina is made to shape and slim. Set yourself apart from the rest with gorgeous detailing at the tummy that sucks you in all over. A soft cup bra and full straight back paired with secure fixed straps help to make this beauty one of our most comfortable and supportive swimsuits yet. The Gina is a great way to get a swimsuit that does it all and then some.

5) Magicsuit Modern Romance Rita Tankini Top

Magicsuit Modern Romance Rita Tankini Top

A bestselling pattern on a tried and true swim top? The Magicsuit Modern Romance Rita Tankini Top is a gorgeous swim top that you don’t want to miss on our sale page. This amazing ruffled swim top features our gorgeous Modern Romance floral print that has been a real fan favorite ever since we released it. The Modern Romance Rita top also showcases and slimmer silhouette thanks to gorgeous ruffles made to conceal and slim instantly. A v-neckline works to your advantage to add oomph to the bust while adjustable lingerie straps and control back lining provide the comfort and support you crave in a tankini. This swim top is an amazing, premium swim style that really gives you all you can ask for, so get it now before it’s gone.

We get that shopping for swimwear can come with some real sticker shock, and that may be the case when shopping for a Magicsuit. Premium, well-fitting swimwear can be expensive for a lot of people, but the benefits are worth it. You really do get what you pay for when you spring for a nicer swimsuit, so that’s why we want to make it a little easier for you to get the premium, well-fitted swimwear that you deserve from Magicsuit. Check out our swimsuit sale page for even more stunning swimwear at a fraction of the list price. And check back often because you never know when one of your favorite swimsuits might be going on sale!