wear a swimsuit at any age


Being able to wear swimsuits does not have an age limit. Magicsuit swim brand has designed swimsuits that tailor to older women. Our swimsuits will make you feel the body confidence that may have been lost over the years. Targeting and taming your tummy area might be what you want to target most, but our swimsuits can help you accentuate or minimize so much more. Whether it is elongating your torso, minimizing your hips or thighs, or supporting a full bust, our fit solutions built into our Magicsuit bathing suits can help you get the slenderizing and flattering appearance every woman strives for, regardless of age. Magicsuit swimsuits are designed to hold everything in while keeping your body smooth and slim. Other swimwear brands make the promise to slim you but will leave you having bulges and bumps in all the wrong places. Our one of a kind fabric, Miratex, was created to give you the control your figure needs and slim and trim appearance every woman desires. Our vast variety of swimsuits styles and silhouettes allows for women of all ages, size, and shape to enjoy. If your goal is to look and feel the best you have ever felt while being in the summer sun, then Magicsuit and Miraclesuit swim brands are the perfect choice for you. Age should never be something that steers you away from those fun beach days with family. Select a style with the print and fit solution you are looking for and stun immediately. With every swim suit, you will have the ultimate tummy control with the shape solutions you want most. Elongating your torso, whittling your waist and hips, accentuate your bust or minimizing your back side has never before been so simple. Enhancing and slimming your physique can be done in the time it takes you to put on your amazing Magicsuit bathing suit. Incredibly slimming and trimming one pieces will always give you the coverage and control you want paired with the most stylish, trendy prints and patterns. Our swimsuit sizes for older women range from 6-18, as well as plus sizes 16W, 18W, 20W, 22W, 24W and D, DD, and DDD-Cups. Finding your perfect size will never be an issue, just use our fit guide or look at our size chart. Getting older should never mean having to sacrifice style, comfort or confidence. Magicsuit swimwear strives to make every woman, older and younger, feel great about herself and the way her body looks when she is enjoying a vacation or time by the pool. Any swimsuit you try on will feel as though it was personally designed to perfectly sculpt and fit your figure. Swimsuit shopping for older women should never feel like something of the past. Browse any one of Magicsuit or Miraclesuit swimwear collections and feel relief knowing there are countless options regardless of your age, body type or size.