Remain Comfortable and Covered With Magicsuit Swimdresses

Have you been searching for a swimsuit with a little bit more coverage than a one-piece while still being fashionable and maintaining tummy control? Then Magicsuit swimdresses will be the perfect swimwear choice for you every summer season. Our swimdresses offer maximum coverage and control while minimizing those problem areas including troublesome tummies, hips and thighs. No other swim brand will give you the comfort, style, and luxury feel and fit a Magicsuit swimdress will.

Have the ease of knowing that your behind will be covered no matter what you are doing. Do you want to play around or chase your kids or grandkids? No problem, the Swimdress has you fully covered and gives you the relief that your swimsuit will not ride up or reveal anything you do not want exposed while enjoying time with family. Using one of a kind silhouettes and our unique Miratex fabric, you are sure to look flawless at every angle while still having the coverage and style you love. Be instantly slimmed, firmed and smoothed in any Magicsuit swimdress you choose.

The Magicsuit swimdress works seamlessly for going from the beach straight to the boardwalk without having to worry or deal with the hassle of changing. The swimdress is amazing for any special vacation or just relaxing by the pool. The cute and elegant swimwear will not go unnoticed. Our unrivaled fabric flatters every one of your beautiful curves. Your figure will be effortlessly complimented by any silhouette or style swimdress from Magicsuit you choose. Each design was made to fit your fabulous form and elegantly style your shape. The endless search for the superior Swimdress is over forever. Any choice will make you look super chic while maintaining the ultimate comfort you crave.

Are you always searching for that “wow” factor but every swimsuit seems to fall short? This will never be the experience you have with Magicsuit. Our suits boast flawless function and feminine form. Never again will you be left expecting more from a swimsuit. Magicsuit one piece swimsuits have it all. You’ll love our slimming factor so much, one bathing suit will not be enough to satisfy how amazing your curves look and feel.

The luxurious feel of our Miratex fabric is reason enough you will keep coming back to Magicsuit swimwear. It was made to last long and to shape and compliment your gorgeous body. It is a staple swimsuit piece for every woman’s collection that should not go overlooked. The Magicsuit swimdress will be a swimsuit that you want to keep on hand forever because it is so versatile and stylish yet comfortable and slenderizing. Always be in the summertime state of mind when you are wearing a swimdress.