Swimsuits to hold you in


Control is the goal in all Magicsuit and Miraclesuit swimwear collections. Feel and look the most stunning and best you have ever felt during summer 2017. Get rid of any and all swimsuits that do not flatter, control, or slim your body. Why settle when Magicsuit has created swimwear so remarkable that you will not believe a bathing suit would be able to do so much for your body! Our patented Miratex fabric has allowed each swimsuit to give a woman the exact amount of control she is looking for while minimizing problem areas and flattering every one of her beautiful curves. Magicsuit swimwear collection offers every woman regardless of shape, size , or age, the luxury of feeling comfortable and confident while soaking up the sun. Each swim suit design is made to give you functional and feminine form. Enhancing your best features and hiding your troublesome areas is what Magicsuit bathing suits will do for your figure. Taming the tummy is as easy as slipping on any of our one piece swimsuits, tankini top and super high waisted bottoms or swimdresses. Indulge your fantasy of looking as good in a swimsuit as you always envisioned. Magicsuit and Miraclesuit swim wear is the leading brands on the market when it comes to controlling and slimming swimsuits. Choose a glamorous print or a more basic, beautiful solid and feel instantly controlled yet smoothed. Other brands claim to slim and tone your figure but can leave you looking bulky or bulgy. Magicsuit is the most superior in control swimsuits and boasts the largest collection of tummy controlling women’s bathing suits. How is it so simple for every woman to look and feel so fabulous and feminine in a bathing suit you’re thinking? The wide range of sizes and silhouettes allows Magicsuit to make each style feel as if it was tailored to your body.

Looking to mask your winter belly that might not be “summer ready” yet? Magicsuit helps and hides your tummy bulge in a matter of seconds. Never feel ashamed or worried about your body any day of the year. Our swimsuits will control everything and allow for you to step out in style and enjoy soaking up the sun without a care. Always feel like your Magicsuit swimsuit gives you the right amount of coverage and confidence during every single wear. Each swimsuit style has its own intricate details and designs to give you a unique summery look. Our Magicsuit swimwear collection is unrivaled against any other women’s swimwear brand when it comes to control and chicness. Show stop in any silhouette to achieve the ultimate summer appearance. Swim in style without worrying about your swimsuit riding up or revealing too much. Magicsuit swimwear gives you the peace of mind that you will look flawless, radiant and be covered during every wear. Shop any Magicsuit swimwear collection and be amazed at the amount of control that is designed into each suit.